Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Making Money in Mobile: by Tim Bray. “Here are the ways I can think of to make money that involve mobile applications: App sales, Upgrades and in-app sales, Ad sales and  Server-side revenue enablement.”
  • Mom and Pop, at Web Scale: by Anil Dash. “If your community takes off and you’re built with a contemporary architecture, you can scale your costs along with income.”
  • Q&A with Ram Charan: from Business Standard. “The fundamentals for competing for growth remain the same…The first part is the basics. That is, growth has to be profitable, capital efficient, sustainable and differentiated. These are very demanding words. They are measurable and identifiable. Two, you need to know where your focus is. Once you have that clarity, you need to concentrate on four items — talent, innovation, productivity and speed. And while you have to be in the growth areas, don’t distract yourself from the basics.”
  • On Cities: by Edward Glaeser, on Freakonomics blog. “Cities are at the heart of a competitive and global future.”
  • Interview with Pratap Bhanu Mehta: from Rediff. “At one level, for any government in India at the moment, the core ideological issue as far as governance is concerned is very straightforward — which is how do you produce growth of 9 to 10 percent and then use the proceeds of that growth to create a more inclusive society?”

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