Blog Past: India’s Silent Majority

From a post a year ago:

Looking at the mess that India’s politics is (and this is across all political parties) and an era of quotocracy (as Pratap Bhanu Mehta put it in an Indian Express article recently), I cannot help feeling that at some point of time Middle India will need to stop sitting back quietly and actually do want to do something about it. This will happen soon – probably before the next Lok Sabha elections.

Parties are pandering to their respective votebanks. The small numbers who band together are getting more than the large numbers who are divided. We need to think of a way how we in Middle India can come together to create India’s biggest votebank – and get solutions and money to improve daily life in the urban sprawls that we live in. The Silent Majority cannot and will not be for much longer.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.