Big Ideas for India Contest: 150 Responses

Thanks very much for the response to the Big Ideas for India Contest. There were 150 responses in all to the 13 questions. I want to thank you all for the participation, and apologise in advance if you thought your answer was better than one of the winners we have picked. There is always a subjectiveness in the process of judging. I hope that you learnt something thinking through the challenges we face in India, and that you will continue to explore the topics going ahead.

A couple points to note: The winning entries do reflect in many ways the bias Atanu and I have towards what needs to be done in India. Also, we did the judging on April 22-23, so a few entries that came in later could not be considered.

As Atanu and I sifted through the entries and the diversity of responses, we realised that it wasn’t easy picking the winners. In retrospect, I should have probably asked the questions in one go, asked you to pick one or more questions to answer, and then provided a structure for the responses – outline the pain point, propose the solution, and do so in about 300 words. These are learnings for the future that I will keep in mind.

I am more than convinced that India needs big ideas and dramatic transformation going ahead, and it is our generation that has to help in that process. We have to pick one of the two national parties, and participate in the system. The 2014 elections will come at a critical time for India’s future. We have three years of groundwork that can be done in creating awareness and driving action in the chosen areas of our specialisation to bring good ideas to life.

I will announce the winners tomorrow, followed by reposting excerpts from the winning entries (including a few that were sent directly to me and therefore did not appear in the comments).

To the winners: I will get in touch with each of you personally to ensure that I can send a copy of the prize (Atanu’s book) soon to you.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.