Big Ideas for India Contest: Epilogue

This brings to a close the contest. Some closing thoughts:

  • We need to educate ourselves about the process of development. This is important if we have to answer two key questions – why is India poor, and what can be done to make India a rich, developed country in a generation (say by 2040)?
  • India’s challenges are far too big for us not to think big – we need bold ideas and action. Little of this seems to be forthcoming now. We seem to be in a paralysed state at the Centre when it comes to decision-making.
  • In India, there is little discussion around big ideas in the English media. The here-and-now news stories take precedence over educating readers and viewers. But then, that is what the audience wants, perhaps.
  • Democracy is about informed voting. In India, we are oscillating between abstention and transactional voting (cash for votes, in a new avatar). Is there a way we can inform more voters?
  • In a week, we will know what the voters of five states have decided. As the new governments take office, is there a way we can engage with them to ensure we bring forth better policies to drive development and governance?
  • In the next elections, we need one party to get 300+ seats on its own in order to ensure a stable government that actually implements the right policies for the future of the country.

I will explore some of these topics in the coming weeks.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.