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This week’s links:

  • Social Media’s secret weapon – Email: by Fred Wilson. “The rise of alternative notification channels; sms, mobile push notifications, direct messages on twitter, facebook messaging, etc are going to move some of this kind of thing off of email over time. But today, if you want to drive retention and repeat usage, there isn’t a better way to do it than email.”
  • A Long-Wave Theory on Today’s Digital Revolution: An interview with historian Elin Whitney-Smith in strategy+business. “There have been six information revolutions in human history. Each represents a major change in the organizational paradigm — a change in how people form themselves into groups.”
  • Social Protection for a Changing India: A World Bank report.
  • The perfect state: from Pragati. “What would a “Ramarajya” administration deliver? A good quality of life, where people live in good health, enjoy a good livelihood and dignity, appears to be the first element of good governance by Ramarajya standards.”
  • Illusions of Democracy: by Esther Dyson. “The newly freed people of the Middle East must toughen their idealism with hard realism.”

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