Airport Blues

Given the travelling I do, airports are natural transit points. And I cannot stop complaining about the inefficiencies and stupidities. I want to add one more to the list – the dumb security check.

They have the scanners installed but absolutely ignore the results of the scan. Instead of only checking those who beep when they pass through, every passenger is hand-checked by the security staff. Why then install expensive scanners when their output is going to be ignored? The result is that at peak travel hours the queue to pass through the security check becomes quite long at some airports (definitely, in Mumbai).

My point in these rants is not to be a complainant all the time, but to see how we can improve simple things that have a logical solution – if someone spends time to question the process. Politicians and airport staff don’t have to wait in the queues, so they don’t feel the pain. But, at least, they can think when they look around.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

3 thoughts on “Airport Blues”

  1. Worst part is if you take care to be completely clean of any objects and the hand scanner doesn’t beep, then the CISF guy gets really suspicious and starts checking you again !

  2. Beg to differ, security is one area where you shd take no chances. the equipment might be expensive, doesnt mean u can take a huge chance.

  3. Unfortunately ,Terror attack is part of our lives.So security checks are a must on every place.We need a safer place so we have to bear this pain of security checks.

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