Bandra Terminus Road

I wrote about this last year, but I just cannot help writing about it again. It is unbelievable that a major railhead like Bandra in Mumbai can have such pathetic access by road. The terminus has been around for many years, and little seems to have changed. Come the rains, whatever little of the road is there is also covered with potholes and puddles. Isn’t anyone even bothered?

It has been just a couple weeks of rain, and already many of the roads are in a pathetic situation. It is the same story every year. Hundreds of crores will again be ‘spent’ fixing the roads after the monsoon. So much for our anti-corruption battle, when the outcomes are right under our wheels every kilometre we drive.

In the case of Bandra Terminus, it is quite unbelievable that we created such a critical component of infrastructure without even bothering about proper integration with the rest of the city. And the silence of passengers makes us all complicit in the tragedy that unfolds.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.