A Journey and a Conversation – Part 1

I went to Nageshwar recently with Bhavana and Abhishek, and Bhavana’s parents. We spent the day at the Jain temple. Nageshwar is in Rajasthan, on its border of Madhya Pradesh. The nearest train station is Vikramgarh Alot, which is about 10 kms away. Nageshwar itself is primarily the temple complex and a small village. There isn’t much else to do in the neighbourhood. It is, as we would put it, in Bharat.

We took the Mumbai-Jaipur “superfast” express. The 734 kms distance is covered in just over 11 hours, giving an average of 65 kms an hour. That presumably is good enough to qualify for the ‘superfast’ tag. The train ride was excellent – very comfortable in the three-tier, AC sleeper compartment. Get in the train in the evening, and arrive at the destination the next morning.

We spent just about 12 hours in Nageshwar. There wasn’t much of a crowd the day we went, but it does attract hordes on weekends and purnima days. The dharamshalas are very well done, and quite comfortable for a short stay. The weather was as good as it gets – nice and cool, given that Nageshwar is about 450 metres above mean sea level. A light drizzle reminded one of the monsoon season.

Continued tomorrow.

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