Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The World is an Internet Startup Now: by John Battelle. “The Internet no longer belongs to the young tech genius with a great idea and the means to execute it online. Innovation on the Internet now belongs to the world, and that is perhaps the most exciting thing about this space.”
  • The State (Plight) of the Mobile Industry: by Bob Frankston. “We are asking providers to add capacity but we’re not willing to let them share in the value created (as with a VoIP call). Worse, the more capacity there is the less valuable the carriers’ own services are…We need to shift to a funding model that doesn’t work at cross purposes with the Internet’s generativity.”
  • Six Classic Business Books: from The Economist. Among the books mentioned is CK Prahalad’s “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid”, which “unleashed a business revolution that has done far more good than any number of “Live Aid” concerts.”
  • State of India’s Political Parties: India Today writes about the “Decline & Stall of the Congress Empire” and the New Indian Express writes about a BJP which is “Divided and ruled out.”
  • Why Friends help strengthen a Marriage: from Wall Street Journal. “…Friends help you gather perspective on your relationship to your spouse: When you’re inside a marriage, it’s easy to focus on the points of friction and the minutiae of daily life…friends draw you toward life’s big picture.”

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