An article in DNA on NetCore’s Missed Call Solution for Anna Hazare’s Campaign

There was a front page article in DNA (July 1) on how missed calls have helped the Jan Lokpal Bill campaign of Anna Hazare:

Who said Anna missed his calling?

Over 76 lakh missed calls in support says he did not! No, Sir

Mayank Aggarwal Delhi

It started with one man’s call to support his fight against corruption. Three months later, the Anna Hazare led India Against Corruption (IAC) campaign has received the support of over 76 lakh people from across the country.

On April 5, when Hazare started his fast-unto-death at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, organisers requested the public to give a missed call on 022-61550789 to register their support. “By June 28, we got over one crore missed calls of which 76.83 lakh were unique missed calls, all different numbers and no repetition,” said Kunal Dixit of Netcore Solutions Private Limited, who is handling this scheme for the IAC.

“This data clearly proves that Lokpal movement is not limited to just a few thousand people. The whole country is behind us,” said Arvind Kejriwal, RTI activist, IAC member and one of the civil society representatives in the Lokpal bill’s joint drafting committee.

According to data, the highest number of missed calls came from the 2G scam-embroiled Tamil Nadu (including Puducherry) region with 16.41 lakh calls followed by Maharashtra-Goa region (including Mumbai) with 15.15 lakh.
Missed calls came from as far as Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

A Delhi based auto-driver, Balwant Singh said, “I couldn’t go to Annaji’s fast but I certainly can give a missed call to express my support and encouragement. I regularly give a missed call on that number and also encourage my friends and relatives to follow me.”

Also see: Ajit Ranade’s column in Mumbai Mirror (July 2): “Missed Call: Great Indian trick”

…. A Mumbai based telecom technology company (Netcore) among others offers a service to telemarketers, where it can capture a missed call as a “vote” to be opted-in. That caller then gets registered as a willing recipient of the marketing calls and SMS.  It is much easier to “give” a missed call and register yourself.

The software can track unique numbers, their originating geography and many other details. You can also devise a mechanism to get “delisted” by another missed call. Easy! …

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