Mumbai Again

The shocking thing about the Mumbai blasts last evening is the regularity with which terrorists are able to strike at the heart of life in the city. Innocent bystanders going about their daily life are killed or injured, and will soon become a statistic linked to a date. And we will all wait for the next date with more attacks.

At this moment, we must come together and pray for those who have lost their lives to yet another senseless act. Many families across the city will need help picking up their lives after what happened last night. We must not forget their sacrifice, and ensure it is not in vain. The scourge of terrorism needs to be firmly dealt with and every citizen must feel safe. This is the most basic guarantee that a government needs to be able to provide.

What we unfortunately have is a government that cannot connect the dots in the intelligence, a government that cannot punish the guilty, a government that cannot protect its citizens. A government like this has no business being in power.  This cycle has to be broken. For long, India has been seen as a soft state. Hopefully, some sense will finally dawn in those in power.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

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  1. Hi Rajesh..I think that a republic like India and to top it mumbai which is a proverbial potpourri of different sects living in congestion, blaming a government “always” is like blaming somebody to be not able to find out a pin in a haystack.

    A Vulnerable place like Mumbai cant be given security at each and every hangouts. I think its time government take consideration of using the highest possible technology driven insights. A sofisticated camera which senses any doubtful movements could be a handy thing.

    I know, I sound techie in a state which is full of grief but we have to think along these lines.

    Opinions ?

  2. Now Rahul Gandhi says government has prevented 99% of terrorist attacks.what a tragedy that he is projected as next PM by our media and the ruling party .how the hell he has arrived at that number?

  3. Hi Ayush,
    It really does sound techie and it is really a remote( I hope not) that it will work in places like Mumbai.But isn’t it true that we/India projected ourself a soft and weak target? Why this government is not taking a tough stand to counter terrorism. Intelligence faliure has become a regular feature. I was shocked to read a report that at a time when our Air Force was mulling to eliminate/strike terrorist camps across the border it didn’t have enough intelligence about camps on ground. This is all because of corrupt polticians. We badly need another RENASCENCE . Don’t we?

  4. Yogi,

    Agree to point that govt has itself played an instrumental role in projecting itself as a soft target. But to be fair and I really dont want to sound optimistic here, the scene has really changed since 26/11. The apparent evidence of air force striking is a shocking feature. I still maintain that the answer to this should come out only from superior technology enabled sources and better vigilance by local police. There are no second thoughts that when a deal goes about buying and selling ammonium nitrate, intelligence should be having a clue about where abouts..I know I am sounding quite basic here but its high time we get back to basics.

    Much more to say….happy to listen to others.

  5. Yes it is extremely appalling to see a spineless govt. rule over us. What is so shameful is the same State Home Minister R.R.Patil who had resigned when 26/11 occurred is reinstated in the same position. And Vilasrao got luckier with a cabinet berth. How can a man with Manmohan Singh’s credibility let such a thing happen. I understand there are a ton of factors that need to be weighed in to make a coalition govt. work. But it was gave an opportunity for the PM atleast when some of these corrupt officials got caught to come out strong, assert an authority. Sad state of affairs.
    Where is the solution? Most Indians I talk to here have become so pessimists. They think there is no solution for our problems. Rajesh would love to hear from you about your thoughts.

    In light of another of these sadly routine attacks , i would like to point out some steps that could be considered or get your thoughts on them.

    1. Have a central body that co-ordinates all anti terror/militant attacks and coastal security with member state bodies. These personnel should be from the armed forces , and the body could consists of distinguished experts in the field.
    2. Get Israel / US expertise to gain knowledge in these affairs
    3. Let the army forces manage the defence funding in entirety and modernize the police force as well.
    4. You want to channelize international community to understand and support India in this fight
    5. Take offensive action on any infiltration to send a strong message that India is not a soft state anymore!
    6. Fast track all judiciary processes in cases that come under terrorist activity.

  6. I see that many have commented about possible solutions of the problem. Someone has suggested a technical solution, another comment is about organizational changes, getting US help etc; and someone has asked for Rajesh’s opinion.
    I am sorry to be so arrogant, but you guys have no brains or analytical capability?
    The problem is not of technical nature. The problem is the lack of political will in the ruling party to address the problem. Therefore, the problem is a political one. Every time when BJP leaders make statements about government’s lack of willingness to deal with the Islamic terror, media and people complain that BJP is playing politics at the time when India needs to come together! So, no matter how many innocent people die in our bellowed motherland, we shouldn’t question the Government policies! We should just feel sad, keep quiet and ‘understand’ that there is no solution to this mess!!! Amazing!!
    We need ALL – better technology, modern & professional police, fast judiciary, better organization of the intel information and better co-ordination between law enforcement agencies. BUT most importantly, we will not get any of these unless we CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT! Because for this government, punishing terrorists means making Muslims angry and losing their vote bank and power; while letting terrorists kill people means making sure Congress will win next election. Unfortunately, the Indian Muslims are not smart to realize that Congress is insulting them and questioning their patriotism by assuming that punishing terrorists will make Indian Muslims angry. And the rest of the Junta is stupid that will vote for Congress for just small amount of money or rice bags or TV or some other small reward! The brain dead leftists will say that all religions are equal and we shouldn’t point fingers at Islam! May the same brain dead leftists be the target of the next Islamic terror. Most Muslims are good law abiding patriotic citizens, why can’t we fix the hate spreading Mullahs and brain washing Madresahs?
    How many of you really went out in the last election to campaign against Congress? Well, from your comments, it is clear that you yourselves are unclear about the evils of Congress and a need to give BJP a chance. First meditate and get yourself a clear answer. If convinced, get out and WORK in the next election to STOP the Congis responsible for this mess to get reelected. Only then we can solve this problem.

  7. I saw this flash news on NDTV that Guj CM is going to facilitate a woman who was the wife of the man who was caught with 10 crude bombs last Sunday in Ahmedabad. She tipped off the cops about her husband’s evil plans. This is a true example of how people need to handle terrorism. Be alert else you would blame your conscience for the guilt of not doing anything about it.

  8. From all these comments above, I only agree with Andy, who has given a link to an article, stating hte reasons for attacks in Mumbai.

    Just 2 days after the blast in Dadar, I was traveling by car with my cousin, who had come to Mumbai from Surat for a wedding. We were stopped by two hawaldars on a bike near the Santacruz-VileParle area. They both just fooled around with us, scaring us about consequences, making up stories about we “breaking an invisible nakabandi”..etc etc.. To add to that, The GJ number plate on the car was an icing on the cake for them.
    My cousin gave him Rs 500, he frowned and continued with his lectures..
    My bro added one more 500 note in his palm..he got a bit preachy and sympathetic..
    Then after Rs 1500 in his hands..he turned into a good Samaritan who helped us with a few road directions and a short cut to reach Thane faster..

    Red alerts seem to be a good time for such pot bellied corrupt cops to make a fast buck !!

    Corruption remains the biggest threat. Palm greasing can easily allow RDX, bombs, guns in Mumbai..

    Forget blaming govt…technology..intelligence..pakistan..etc..etc..


  9. @naufil

    ‘Forget blaming government!!’

    While I agree with your frustration about so much of Corruption, I strongly believe that the source of Corruption is also the Government.

    You would say that we all are corrupt and Indian society in general is corrupt. I agree that many people are corrupt in India, but this is a rational response of the Government control over our day to day activities, its policies and being the corrupt people at the helm of the power structure. In your example, what would have happened if your cousin would not have paid the constable? You two would have to go through delays and pain and in worst case – arrest.

    You see, Corruption flows from top to bottom, from most powerful like PM to office chaparasis. If PM has integrity, he will make sure that he has honest, intelligent and hardworking people in his cabinet. These ministers will make sure that they have honest people as their staff and so on… When PM himself is a spineless chamcha of Italian bar attainder, you can not expect much integrity from him. And Sonias, Rajas and Kalmadis will loot the country.

    So please wake up. Work hard for defeating Congress in next election.

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