Mumbai Again

The shocking thing about the Mumbai blasts last evening is the regularity with which terrorists are able to strike at the heart of life in the city. Innocent bystanders going about their daily life are killed or injured, and will soon become a statistic linked to a date. And we will all wait for the next date with more attacks.

At this moment, we must come together and pray for those who have lost their lives to yet another senseless act. Many families across the city will need help picking up their lives after what happened last night. We must not forget their sacrifice, and ensure it is not in vain. The scourge of terrorism needs to be firmly dealt with and every citizen must feel safe. This is the most basic guarantee that a government needs to be able to provide.

What we unfortunately have is a government that cannot connect the dots in the intelligence, a government that cannot punish the guilty, a government that cannot protect its citizens. A government like this has no business being in power.  This cycle has to be broken. For long, India has been seen as a soft state. Hopefully, some sense will finally dawn in those in power.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.