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This week’s links:

  • Kevin Ryan Interview: from WSJ. Kevin runs Gilt Groupe. “Currently valued at $1 billion, the four-year-old business is by some estimates the most valuable U.S. e-commerce company other than Amazon.” See the discussion on the tech bubble in the article.
  • The Google Plus 50: by Chris Brogan. “It sparks my attention from several angles: marketing, technology, community, media, mobile, advertising, and more. To that end, I wrote down 50 things to think about with regards to Google+.”
  • Gujarat: India’s Guangdong: from The Economist. “Gujarat could be a vision of India’s future, in which manufacturing flourishes, soaking up rural labour.”
  • The Weight of Love: from the Indian Express. “Arun Shourie writes about bringing up his son Aditya, afflicted with cerebral palsy for many years now, in his new book, Does He know a mother’s heart? (HarperCollins). Adit’s pain and that of the author’s wife Anita, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, leads him to ask: how can there be extreme suffering if God exists?”
  • Org Charts of Major Tech Companies: Quite hilarious!

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