Good Books: India’s Elections Series by Sage Publications

I have been going through some books on India’s political landscape, and especially some of the recent elections.

Sage has books on some of the recent elections edited by Paul Wallace and Ramashray Roy.  Since these books are published a year or two after the elections, there is time for some in-depth research and analysis. The 2009 elections book has come out recently. While one may not necessary agree with everything that is said, there are enough good insights to make this a useful addition for those seeking an understanding of India’s electoral politics.

From the book introduction: “According to the contributors, the public outcome of the 2009 elections indicated a demand for integrity, continuity, and competence — values that were considered almost obsolete in today’s political scenario. At the same time, the contributors admit to problems in structure, providing for minority cultures, stability, and contentious public policy issues.”

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Rajesh Jain

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