Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Top 10 Gadgets we can’t wait for this year: by Dylan Love.
  • 10 Big Projects to transform India: on Rediff/Business Standard. (via Vijay)
  • India Today Mood of the Nation survey: “Congress comatose with stinkflation”
  • Not a Happy Birthday: by Tavleen Singh. “The reason why political leaders are called leaders is because they are elected to lead countries. They do not have the right once they accept public office to hide in back rooms and shy away from the responsibilities of public discourse.”
  •  Scratch cards as marketing tool: from Business Standard, on Netcore’s 90ml cards. “90ml is a scratch card which can be bundled as a relationship card, product replica card, visiting card and even packaged with any product. The 90ml engagement process also includes Multimedia Messages (MMS) and voice based communication, along with vanilla SMS.”

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