The Right Fight – Part 5

This Right Fight for Real Freedom is not an easy one. It requires us to trash our existing ideas of freedom, the role of government, development, and the idea of India. It requires us to re-educate ourselves. It doesn’t require all of us at this moment – only a sufficient number to start with who can slowly tip over the rest in the times to come. A few have to start this process of change.

This Fight is about Ideas. The idea that we must have personal and economic freedom. The idea that the government is an agent of the people, not its ruler. The idea that government needs to get out of the way for development to happen. The idea that poverty is not self-perpetuating and the best way to fight poverty is not through central planning and entitlements. The idea that corruption is an outcome of government control, monopoly and discretionary powers over large sectors of the economy. The idea that even in India, it is possible to have states like Gujarat which can drive development and stay free of corruption.

This is the fight for the soul of India’s future. So, we can raise incomes fast, so we can pull people out of poverty fast. So, we can get the best infrastructure around us. So, we can ensure quality education for our children. So, everyone has choices that they can make. It will be a new experience for many. Because for the most part, we know no better.

This is a fight that has to be won through deliberate and debate, through votes at the ballot box.

This fight is not over. It hasn’t even begun. Are we ready for the Right Fight?

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.