New Laptop Set-up

While in the US, I bought a new laptop – the HP Pavilion dm4. It was available at a good price at Costco, and it was before HP decided to announce its decision to spin-off the PC division.

The laptop itself is a pretty good one, though the engineering on the ports leaves a little to be desired. The USB ports are too tight. In fact, I had to return the first one because I just could not get the USB devices into the ports. The replacement laptop was much better, but in today’s world of precision engineering, these errors are unacceptable.

Setting up the new laptop was a breeze – thanks to the cloud. I had all my data on a external 500 GB Transcend removeable disk. Downloading the necessary apps took less than 30 minutes on the high-speed connection, and I was all set. Even with the cloud, I still like the comfort of having data stored locally. Maybe the next time will be different!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.