Quotes in Times of India on Friends of BJP

Times of India had an article (with a fairly stupid headline) last week in which I was quoted:

The FoBJP website says it is a “national movement driven by India’s rising middle class which is BJP-leaning and willing to be vocal about it. It is an associate organization of the BJP and aspires to be a movement that will steer the formation of an effective and efficient government at the Centre.”

FoBJP national convener Rajesh Jain said the organization was engaging the middle class with political change and providing an “alternative centre-right viewpoint”.

As for FoBJP’s position on Hazare, he said they did not take sides. He added that FoBJP’s aim of improving the nation was in sync with Hazare’s anti-corruption campaign. But unlike Anna Hazare’s bid for a new anti-corruption body, Jain said he did not feel the country needed more laws. Jain subscribes to a more centre-right view of governance, which involves less government control and a greater role for the private sector.

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