Movies, Endings and Explanations

Recently, we watched “Shutter Island” at home. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and is a psychological thriller. Another movie we had watched a few weeks ago was “No Country for Old Men.” What was common to both movies was the need to go and search the web for explanations on the endings!

The movies were at multiple levels, and one had to constantly think of the characters and what was happening. Things were not always what they seemed to be — unlike, let’s say “Singham” or another typical Bollywood movie. And the ending left one wondering, in search of an explanation as to what really happened.

These are movies which typically require a second viewing with the new inputs, so one can then interpret things differently from what one thought in the first watching. For me, this was a very different type of movie experience.

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  1. The ending of ‘No Country for Old Men’ cannot be understood even if we view the movie multiple times for the simple reason there isn’t any subtle point in the movie that we may have missed out the first time that can clue us in during later viewings.

    It is a story that can not be ended. The movie is all about an exotic portrayal of a redneck and a ruthless eccentric. The emphasis is not on story but on uniqueness of the characters, of Texas countryside and on the nostalgic effect of the days gone by when there were no cell phones and ATM is in it’s fancy infancy.

    Notwithstanding the emptiness you feel at the end, it is an enjoyable movie.

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