Citizens and Politicians Engagement: From Confrontation to Constructive Co-operation – Part 1

Even as Parliament gets down to discussing the details of the Lok Pal Bill, we need to take some learnings from what has happened in August. First, India’s middle class and youth have genuine reason to be unhappy. Anna tapped into their discontent about corruption, and struck a chord. There is a need to address this discontent. Second, there is anger against the political class. This too should be addressed. This needs a dialogue between people and politicians. We have to move from confrontation to constructive co-operation.

India’s democracy needs to become of, for and by the people. India’s government must become an agent of the people. We need to create greater trust and deeper engagement between people and politicians. After all, our shared goal is to create a better future for our nation.

Continued tomorrow.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

2 thoughts on “Citizens and Politicians Engagement: From Confrontation to Constructive Co-operation – Part 1”

  1. Theoretically such groups can come together to share a goal. But I think there is deeper disconnect here.

    The politicians do not care to create a better future for our nation but instead fill their pockets with lots of undue wealth simply because they can. And us citizens are only hoping that there will be a better future of our nation.

    I am not able to see how such two divergent goals be brought together.

    But I do agree that middle class has come together to fight for their rights. But can their energy be channeled into something real is yet to be seen. Will it be productive and not end up being destructive is yet to be seen. At this stage it appears that various political groups are ready to sabotage the movement by claiming support to the movement.

    It is a sad political state.

  2. The atmosphere for a different kind of engagement is emerging or already here, so are the tools that will help such engagement, but where are the people who can imaginatively use these tools to forge a “New Republic”

    I guess some one will, and that some one should start with idealism and then slide down to pragmatism. Starting viceversa is the right thing to do but I fear that there will be no takers.

    More the media glare, less the introspection and more the hullaboo like the recent Anna’s campaign.

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