UPA 2’s Mid-term Blues – Part 10

Let us look at an area where decisive action is urgently needed, where , an alternate agenda and firm leadership is needed.

Some prescient economists and journalists have been warning us that the NREGA scheme has put India on an inflation treadmill. Even as the government tries to blame inflation on  international factors, the reality is that India is one of the very few large economies that persistently high inflation. What gives? Just thinking this through will show us the urgency of the need for change because this same sticky inflation is now constraining growth through interest rate hikes.

Not  only the UPA 2, but we as a people need to do  some mid-term introspection.  And as we do so, perhaps the most important point to think about is that of leadership. Great countries cannot be built with mediocre leaders. We are all united in our belief that we want to see a great country for ourselves and our children.  It is time that we started the debate on who can best lead us to that future.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.