Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The mobile web in numbers: from Royal Pingdom. “We’ve put together some numbers to attempt to show a picture of what the mobile web was like so far in 2011, how it is has developed, and perhaps take a peek into the future as well.”
  • Understanding Apple’s endgame: by Jim Dalrymple. Apple’s approach to bringing products to market: “Look at the successful products in a market and understand that they are not fulfilling the needs of users. You then focus on user frustrations and problems, and you fix those. The end result is a new product that people will want to buy.”
  • The Internet Big 5: by John Battelle. On Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.
  • Burn Rate: A tutorial by Fred Wilson. “Our burn rate is the speed at which your cash balance is going down.”
  • UPA government out of sorts: by Swapan Dasgupta. “Not since Charan Singh waged civil war against Morarji Desai and brought the Janata Party edifice crashing down in 1979 has India witnessed a government that is so utterly out of sorts.”

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