Transforming India: Opportunities and Optimism Lost

We are in the last two weeks of the year. It has been a year wherein we have a slow ebbing of confidence on multiple fronts in the country. The economic indicators are a reflection not so much of the global state of affairs (however much our Finance Minister would want us to believe otherwise) as an outcome of decisions not taken and reforms not done within. For that reason, the year 2011 has been one where our optimism about the future abated as we lost opportunity after opportunity to put the country on a growth path for the future.

It is easy to say that the Prime Minister, being at the helm of affairs, is responsible. After all, he and his government would have taken credit had things gone right. If Time had a “Person of the Year” for India – one who for better or worse has made an impact – I am sure our Prime Minister would have definitely made it to the shortlist, if not headed it. As commentator after commentator has said, we need to go far back in memory to see such a pathetic government and state of governance at the Centre.

But is that all? Will just a change in Prime Minister solve India’s problems?

Continued tomorrow.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.