ad:tech Panel on Mobile Marketing

I will be moderating a panel on Mobile Marketing at ad:tech in Delhi on Feb 24. The panelists are:

What are the kind of questions you’d like to see answered?


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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

3 thoughts on “ad:tech Panel on Mobile Marketing”

  1. Hi Rajesh, The few important questions that I feel should be answered are..1) with so many mediums available to reach out to a customer, whats the value add that mobile as a medium brings for a marketeer..? Earlier it was low cost, now what? 2) SMS I believe is passe now…so within mobile marketing what other opp do we have? Which one do u think is best and why??

    I would be there at adtech..looking fwd too meeting you there..


  2. Hi Rajesh,

    Would be interesting to get your panel’s feedback on multi-screen add campaigns. Do they see a need for technological solutions to have mobile be that second screen; leverage “broadcast” adverts to enable/trigger personal experience via the ad ecosystem? I guess any marketers nirvana would be to enable one-to-one personalized marketing via broadcast channel. Is there a place for mobile in enabling this?

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