Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Credit Card as New App Platform: from Forbes. “We’re at the early stages of a massive wave of innovation in the payment industry…The platform in this case is the payment network. Software developers will add new capabilities to cards by programming the payment network to link online applications to specific payment events. Consumers will be able to effectively “drag and drop” apps to their smart cards in the same way that they add apps to their smart phones today.
  • Social Media and US Elections: by Andy Kessler. “Twitter and Facebook will change U.S. politics, as new technology always has.”
  • Hackathons: from Wired. “Hackathons, with their come-one-come-all ethos, have emerged as the new forum for networking, learning, and beta-testing new apps and ventures.”
  • The Machiavellian Temptation: by David Brooks. “If the 19th-century model implied a moralistic captain steering the ship of the soul, the new character model implies a crafty Machiavellian, deftly manipulating the neural networks inside.”
  • Enterprise 2.0: from Business World. “With new collaboration technologies, and a willing culture, organisations can now change the way you work.”

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