DEMO 2012 – Part 3

The 70-odd companies were put into 5 buckets – mobile, enterprise, cloud, media and social, and consumer. It was quite a thrilling experience to sit through and listen to so many new ideas in one go. Some ideas caught my attention. A few others had me thinking no way could that be a company! It was a bag packed with surprises at every turn.

What I was struck was with the diversity of the ideas. Some seemed way too futuristic, some seemed to hark back to the late 1990s with a “social” or “cloud” word thrown in there. At first, I would question the logic. But then, I figured that this is now innovation works. The good and bad mix together, and things move forward. It is hard to pick winners, but I am sure some will become big in the months to come. Instagram’s billion-dollar acquisition by Facebook was a recurring theme – and perhaps an aspirational dream for many.

In addition, DEMO had about 10 90-second pitches from their startup weekend and another competition. These were young kids barely out of college being given an opportunity to quickly talk about their idea. It was a wonderful platform for them, and perhaps, some of them will be back in a year with 6-minute pitches.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.