On Writing

On the Indigo flights I took to and from Pattaya, the crew was the same on both legs. One of the air hostesses came up to me and said – You were the person who spent most of the time writing. What do you write?

I explained to her that I write what I think. It helps keep the mind free, and ensures I do not forget good ideas. Writing helps me think better. My spiral book is always with me. Life and business is all about ideas and doing things better. As and when they come, I put them down. Flights for me are an incredibly productive time, especially if they are day flights and I don’t need to worry about sleeping. The long stretches of time help the thoughts flow freely. And the writing happens in a flurry.

The response from the air hostess was that if she had written as much as I had done in her exam papers, she would probably have been doing something different! I countered that the joy of seeing new places around the world more than makes up for that!!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.