Farm Frenzy

A friend recently gave me a CD of the computer game, Farm Frenzy 2, for Abhishek to play. After a month of play, I have to say its an incredibly addictive game. Lots of products to be made, with each game having goals to be met. Abhishek and his cousins have been having a ‘field’ day playing the game. A perfect summer timepass.

From the game description: ” You have lots of mini-missions: feed chickens, collect eggs, stock up your warehouse and ship your goods off to markets. You need to produce 16 products on your own and purchase 5 products in the city. Deal with some 4 different domestic animals and make your business flourish! Earn enough money to be able to upgrade your multiple buildings (12 buildings all in all with 3 upgrades apiece!) and to buy new equipment to manufacture the goods and please your consumers. To provide better transportation of your goods to the markets at higher speeds, upgrade the plane and the truck you have at your disposal.”

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.