2 days in Hyderabad – Part 2

We were there for just over 48 hours, but packed in a lot. The heat was high, but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for sightseeing.

An important incentive for us to go to Hyderabad was to visit the Jain temple of Kulpakji. The temple is said to be 2000 years old. It is about 80 kilomteres from Hyderabad, and took us just over an hour and a half to reach (we left early morning). A new road is being constructed in many places – that accounted for the additional time.

We like to visit a new religions destination each year. So, this year, the trip got organised around Kulpakji and we also spent time going around Hyderabad. I used TripAdvisor and advice from a local relative to work out which places to visit.

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Rajesh Jain

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