Transforming India Speech – Part 2

It’s not the people that are the problem; it is the system.   What’s missing is governance,   and what we need to do to transform India,  is to transform governance.

We’ve heard a lot about  ‘the what’ of transforming India – all  good ideas on what needs to get done.    In education,   we need to get rid of government controls. We need 100 new cities in India. In  energy, we need to look at renewables. In rural,   we need to build infrastructure and services  and not just  give handouts. We need to focus on manufacturing –  and not just agri and services.

The solutions are all there.   We have conferences like these, we have regular columns that people write, we have  Vision 2025   documents that come out.    But the real action is not happening,   as we have seen.   The prescription is there, what’s missing is the doctor.   The road map is there,   what’s missing is the driver.    The vision is there,    what’s    missing is the leadership,   and the will and vision to implement it.

We need to look beyond the platitudes that we keep hearing, and we heard some of that today morning.    The focus really   has  to shift  to  HOW.    How are we going to transform India?   And the   ‘how’ has 4 elements.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.