Australia Vacation – Part 2

Doing research for a trip is now so much easier thanks to the Internet. TripAdvisor was a useful resource, condensing the wisdom of crowds. I also bought a hard copy of Lonely Planet’s Australia guide. Between these two, and a few other sites, I planned out the itinerary. It would be 4 days in Sydney, then 4 days in Cairns, then a day back in Sydney, and then the transit time in KL en route to Mumbai. I had to also ensure maximum weekend time in Sydney so I could spend time with my friends and cousin.

For me, vacations are about spending time with Abhishek. On regular days, it is difficult to get much time. Weekends too are sort of hustle-bustle, and he was a few cousins to play with also. Of late, I have also been travelling on some weekends. My best memories of Abhishek are from vacation to vacation.

Vacations are also when I get a long period of time to think about the year gone by and what to do next. Flights, walks, general free moments combined with a very different context help in spurring the mind into many different directions. The past year was especially interesting because a diversification of activities happened, and so there was plenty to think about.

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