Australia Vacation – Part 5

Over the rest of Sunday and part of Monday, we did our walkabout through Sydney visiting different streets and places. I took some time off for myself and visited a couple bookshops, Dymocks and Kinokuniya, on George Street. I spent quite some time looking at the huge collections – in Business, Political Sciences, Sociology and Literature. I made notes on the books that I wanted to possibly explore later – with Bhavana having put a strict limit on the books that I bought.

As I was browsing through the bookshops, I realised what we are missing in India and online. While Amazon has more titles, the joy of serendipitous discovery is an experience only a big bookshop can offer. Over the years, this was something I had not indulged in. On trips abroad, Abhishek is always around and his patience is limited. In India, the bookshops have limited variety. So, for me, the only solution has been to order books online.

We spent more time on Monday walking around Sydney after taking the monorail from my cousin’s place to the city centre. We had discovered a nice pizza place at the north end of George Street, where we got our pizza without onion and garlic, and so we had lunch there. Abhishek had I spent time looking for toy shops. He developed a fascination for the Sylvanian miniatures – much like Bhavana had a decade ago.

Monday evening, it was time for our 3-hour flight to Cairns.

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