Australia Vacation – Part 10

I was thinking about our past international vacations with Abhishek: 2011 was Bali, 2010 was China (HK, Shenzhen and Shanghai), 2009 was London, 2008 was Singapore, 2007 was Dubai and US East Coast. By age 7, he has already seen a lot more of the world then Bhavana or I did till our 30s. Seeing the world around gives a wider perspective and also shows what we can make India.

Every vacation is a realisation that Abhishek is growing older.  My favourite moment of the trip was the two of us waiting outside a store in which Bhavana was shopping. The considerate store managers had put two chairs outside with a tag on them “Man Chair.” I sat in one of them, and he clicked me. That became our shared moment every time Bhavana went into a store. We went around looking for “Man Chairs.”

Abhishek is now so full of questions and memories. His favourite game after we have come back is “Money Changer.” He uses an old cash register and becomes a money changer man! We’ve been playing this every night. In bookshops, he had lots of questions on politics. Some of his simple questions hid behind them a quest for a deeper understanding.

Vacations create lasting memories and experiences. This one was our most diverse and the longest. Until, hopefully, next year.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.