44 to 45: Part 1

Every year for the past few years, in the week of my birthday, I have been reflecting back on the year that was and looking ahead to the year that is coming. It is, along with the New Year, one of two opportunities annually to take stock of one’s life and work.

The past year has been a fascinatingly diverse one. On the one hand, there has been the work at Netcore in building out the digital communications business. And on the other hand, I started work on Niti, with a number of ideas to see how we can make a difference to India’s future. Most days, the two streams juxtapose themselves creating for a richness in a day that I could not have possibly imagined a year ago.

The past year has been primarily about building the capacity to execute so we can look ahead with greater aspiration and ambition to the future. Ideas fail not because of good intent, but because we do not put in the resources and time to get things done. Ideas also fail because we try and do too many things. The past year has also been about narrowing focus to a few things which I think can make an impact.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.