44 to 45: Part 5

An entrepreneur has to make decisions with incomplete information. Many times, an instinctive call has to be made. On many occasions this year, I have been called upon to make such calls – both in Netcore and in Niti. One is never quite sure when making the decision, but that doesn’t mean that a decision can be postponed. Many times, I cannot fully explain the reasons for the decision other than a sort-of gut reaction. An entrepreneur succeeds not if he makes more right decisions, but if he makes fewer wrong decisions. Each day at work is about reducing the risk of failure. As I look back at the year and many of the decisions made, I think very few calls turned out to be wrong.

Many times, we wait forever to make a decision. We agonise. We think. And as we do so, time passes us by. By nature, I tend to take some of the decisions even though they have some risk. It is not about throwing caution to the winds. It is about creating opportunities where they are none.  Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, but that cannot be the reason to not open oneself up to the unknown.  Entrepreneurship is about recognising and converting half-chances. I saw this very clearly this year as I was back in start-up mode with Niti.

Looking ahead, we now have a good foundation to build on. We can now dream higher in Netcore with the strong base that we have. That will require a different mindset. What got us hear will not get us the next 10X growth. In Niti, this year will be a test of all the things we have been working to put together. We have to now make these various projects come together to achieve a common purpose. It promises to be yet another exciting year.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.