Finally, Some Rain in Mumbai

This year has been disappointing for most of India on the rain front. Its been the same in Mumbai. The delight of sitting on a Sunday and watching the rains come down heavy and hard through the window has been almost lost this year. Until yesterday for some part of the day. It suddenly felt like monsoon season rather than an extension of summer.

I hope it rains some more. India needs it. But we should also be doing better with the rain water that we get. Much of it just flows away. Water is part of the triad of FEW – Food and Energy making up the other two components. FEW problems are what the world has to gear up for. And perhaps, none more so than Water.

This year, potholes in Mumbai seem to also be fewer. Either because of the lesser rainfall or maybe we have genuinely figured out how to do better roads. I think its probably the former!

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.