India IT 2020

I will be moderating a panel on mobile technology at India IT 2020 (Jan 28, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai). On the panel with me will be Veer Bothra (Ravience, ex-NetCore), Krishna Durbha (Reliance Communications), Swami Krishnan (IFIM, ex-Sasken).

Here are some topics I propose to bring up in our 90 minutes:

  • what we can expect from next-generation mobile phones
  • how 3G will make a difference to data services
  • can mobile be the next big marketing and advertising medium
  • the growing importance of value-added services to the ARPU mix
  • what will it take to make the mobile Internet a mass phenomenon in India
  • what will the mobile operator of tomorrow look like
  • what will be the impact of emerging technologies like GPS and LBS
  • what will it take to create the next global leader in the mobile space from India

What else would you like to see discussed? What other questions would you like to ask the panelists (or me)?

Thanks in advance for your inputs!

8 thoughts on “India IT 2020

  1. Rajesh – One question can be what will be the impact of Mobile on India as whole by 2020.
    What do each panelist see
    – Will work
    – Will not work
    – Dream !

  2. Rajesh,
    I have few more questions that you can ask
    1. What will the emerging business models for SP?
    2. What will be the impact of social networking and web 2.0 on mobile web? or what impact web 2.0 and mobile technologies will have on our next generation?
    3. How mobile web can be used to bring out innovative ideas to the market
    4. Will m-Commerce ( Adv, purchase, payment etc) change customer buying behaviour?

  3. We see that the mobile has penetrated in the rural areas. It would be worth understanding the trends/innovations/developments that are in progress/lie in future that will leverage this reach and make the rural economy swing to that effect.

  4. Since the panel has a fairly long term scenario, it would be good to talk about hardware trends as well. By 2020 we can expect that GPS, WiMax, and so on will be stock technology and be available for very cheap, batteries will have a long life. What other innovations do they see happening? What can be their impact? For instance, touch screens have come and revolutionized th way smartphones are built. What other innovations do they see?

    Will be great if you can post a transcript / summary.

  5. how will technology help the huge data to store, open and process on the new generation m-phones, with longer lasting batteries????
    someone like google data support system required …., easy , quick and ready access-;can be the market leaders, so the key is strong technical( out of the box) support system is required !!!!!

  6. I woud like to suggest few min. discussion on
    1) With the increasing acceptance to VAS , will the operators be in favour of providing a win win situaltion to the content aggregrators/ technology enablers.
    2)In technological Aspect– thought towards WiMax Vs 3G
    3)Consumer Oriented– Are we moving only towatds VAS & ARPU or Do we have plans for customers delight and loyalty.

  7. Rajesh,

    1) When will location based services take-off in a big way?

    2) Facility to select other networks (within own circle) when one network is weak (possibly at roaming cost)

    3) Can Mobile replace wirelines by 2015 / 2020

    4) With mobile form factor increasing, what are the new applications possible. I suggest a few
    a) Mobile operators running radio stations with news, education, current affairs (apart from cine music)
    b) Video streaming for various purposes incl. education

  8. 1. Challenges of apps development for the mobile platform.

    2. How do we encourage and build an apps development ecosystem in India.