India IT 2020

I will be moderating a panel on mobile technology at India IT 2020 (Jan 28, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai). On the panel with me will be Veer Bothra (Ravience, ex-NetCore), Krishna Durbha (Reliance Communications), Swami Krishnan (IFIM, ex-Sasken).

Here are some topics I propose to bring up in our 90 minutes:

  • what we can expect from next-generation mobile phones
  • how 3G will make a difference to data services
  • can mobile be the next big marketing and advertising medium
  • the growing importance of value-added services to the ARPU mix
  • what will it take to make the mobile Internet a mass phenomenon in India
  • what will the mobile operator of tomorrow look like
  • what will be the impact of emerging technologies like GPS and LBS
  • what will it take to create the next global leader in the mobile space from India

What else would you like to see discussed? What other questions would you like to ask the panelists (or me)?

Thanks in advance for your inputs!

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Rajesh Jain

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