Weekend Reading

This weekend’s links:

  • The Power (and Peril) of Praising Yor Kid: FromNew York magazine (via Atanu). “Giving kids the label of ‘smart’ does not prevent them from underperforming. It might actually be causing it.”
  • Scale Economics: by Fred Wilson. “What we are witnessing on the Internet is the development of a economy based on the notions of abundance and scale…we are in a world where millions of advertisers buy billions of impressions at penny cpms or even better dollar cpas. This is a scale business with scale economics.”
  • The hundred years’ war: An editorial in The Economist looks at the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. “How growing rejectionism, the rise of religion, a new military doctrine and a new cold war keep peace at bay.”
  • Risk Management: A New York Times Magazine cover on the financial crisis, focusing on VaR (Value at Risk). “Were the measures used to evaluate Wall Street trades flawed? Or was the mistake ignoring them?”
  • Don’t give up too soon: by Matt McCall. “A Harvard study on successful sales management…supposedly concluded that a business sale takes 7 meetings on average to close. It also mentioned that the average salesman stops pursuing the sale after 5.4 meetings.”

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