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One of the comments I got recently was that over the past few months I have changed tracks from discussing about technology to talking more about politics — and that has disappointed some of you. I accept the criticism. The blog is a reflection of what I am thinking and doing. And in the past three months in the run-up to the elections, I have spent a lot of time away from technology and semi-engaged on the political side. For me, it was an opportunity to learn more about a different aspect of India – and it was an opportunity that would not have come again for quite some time. So, I decided to immerse myself into it – and the blog mirrored my changed interests.

Going ahead, I do hope to restore some balance – since election season is coming to a close. At the same time, there is a lot that I have learnt about what we can do to improve things in India that I want to share through this blog. There is no single person capable of coming up with the solutions. But, together, we can. And technology will play a crucial role in all that we do going ahead. India can do a lot better than we are at this point of time – and that has to change. For each of us, there comes a time when we have to commit to spending some time on a greater cause. And for me, that cause is what we can do to create a better India and the time is now.

9 thoughts on “The Blog Mirrors My Thinking

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  2. Rajesh, no need to feel apologetic about ‘losing balance’. You are what you think and no one can disagree that this countries political system needs a lot of cleaning up. That is why I personally am a big fan of the Loksatta Party that has emerged in AP mirroring this yearning for new gen politics. Keep on the good work and sharpen the technology edge to make India a better place to live.

  3. Dear Rajesh,

    Keep writing, whether it is on politics or technology. What matters is articulation and clarity of thoughts.


  4. Politics is right now on everyone’s mind in India. And if you can figure out a lever large enough to impact it, it will be a beautiful solution!


  5. In long run connecting with local conditions(politics) will always helps the organization.


  6. look at…….the hope for clean and effective politics….

  7. I’m happy that you have gone thru the comments and have smelt the coffee.

    Change, couldn’t have come at a better time, after the elections are over 🙂

    Kindly read Swapan DasGupta’s blog It holds a candle for new initiatives and 26/11 candidates.

    He explains why people like Meera Sanyal and Mallika Sarabhai, do not attract people to vote.

    Representing People isn’t a divine right bestowed to bright and well-off people.
    Swatantra Party and Praja Socialist would have triumphed, if that were the case.

    Rather, Representing People is a gift allotted to clever negotiators and smart people. (Smart, these days gets a different meaning)

    The much abused Devegowda, at 76 walks like a 20+ boy, addressing 4 to 5 rallies in a day.
    He connects with his voters (Vote bank) unlike Celebrity-contestants.

    Interestingly, Politics seems to be alike Movies.

    How many stars are there (New & Old), who get you to reach the nearest (even far away) theatres to watch the movie?

    How may leaders do we have, who inspire us to vote?

    Election Commission has done a shoddy job of conducting elections with laughable set of rules for propaganda, election-costs.

    No one is pointing a finger at either Gopalaswami or Navin Chawla, on why huge number of names are missing from “Computerized Lists”.

    On your thoughts on low-voter-turnout, my 2 cents.

    Much is made about the “TV-watching crowd on Election Day”.
    Consider this list,

    1) Defects in Voter List
    2) Sick people
    3) Migrants (Resident of this city, but working elsewhere) and Travelers

    I’m sure, this sets up quite a few percentage points.

    On a funny note, Whom should I sue, if my name is not on Voter List?
    Election Commission, the Company which took my photo on Webcam and gave me a receipt.
    I want to sue and Tata Tea, they are accusing me of sleeping, though I woke up to vote. 🙂