The Blog Mirrors My Thinking

One of the comments I got recently was that over the past few months I have changed tracks from discussing about technology to talking more about politics — and that has disappointed some of you. I accept the criticism. The blog is a reflection of what I am thinking and doing. And in the past three months in the run-up to the elections, I have spent a lot of time away from technology and semi-engaged on the political side. For me, it was an opportunity to learn more about a different aspect of India – and it was an opportunity that would not have come again for quite some time. So, I decided to immerse myself into it – and the blog mirrored my changed interests.

Going ahead, I do hope to restore some balance – since election season is coming to a close. At the same time, there is a lot that I have learnt about what we can do to improve things in India that I want to share through this blog. There is no single person capable of coming up with the solutions. But, together, we can. And technology will play a crucial role in all that we do going ahead. India can do a lot better than we are at this point of time – and that has to change. For each of us, there comes a time when we have to commit to spending some time on a greater cause. And for me, that cause is what we can do to create a better India and the time is now.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.