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This week’s links:

  • The Best Entrepreneurs Know How to Fail Fast: by Brad Feld. “Give me the experienced entrepreneur whose last company was a failure 100% of the time.  The cliche ‘you learn more from failure than success holds true’, but more importantly the dude that just came off a failure and is ready to go again is super-extraordinary-amazingly hungry for a success.”
  • IBM’s Grand Plan to Save the Planet: from Fortune. “Palmisano is encouraging his employees to think even bigger, to scout out any dumb network that can be made smarter. Because, as any self-respecting capitalist knows, in great pain lies dormant profit.”
  • Can Technology Save the Economy? Technology Review writes about the ongoing debate in the US.
  • Celebrating Aggregation: by Fred Wilson. “Aggregation is the central element of distributing content on the web. It’s not going to get shut down by calling these services names, suing them, or even worse taking your content out of them. The best and only thing media companies can do is join the aggregation parade, celebrate it, and get good at it.”
  • Computing’s Future: A Forbes interview with Lisa Su, chief technology officer at Freescale. “I just got 3G for my laptop six months ago, and it changes the way we do work. People keep talking about a killer app. There isn’t a killer app, per se. When you have that much bandwidth available anywhere and any place it allows you to be much, much more productive.”

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