Why I am not Active on Facebook and other Social Media

It is a question I am asked by many people. Why am I not more active on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Other than republishing my RSS feed, I don’t tend to do much else – atleast for now. My answer has two parts: lack of time, and need for chunky time in what I do.In a way, both are related.

Unlike most others, I update my blog daily. Blogging may be considered an older generation of technology given the 140-char economy that  we now seem to be in, but I still like to write in a bit more depth than the cryptic one-liners. (Same goes for my reading habits.) Also, I like to have chunky uninterrupted time at work for what I am doing. Email and SMS/mobile calls are anyways there. I don’t want to add to it with the preesure to respond to many more interruptions (even though some of them may be useful).

I think in this instant, quick and short response world we are starting to miss out on deep thinking, interaction and engagement. Maybe I will change in the time to come, but for now, I am quite happy with the way things are. Is this a sign of age? Perhaps!

41 thoughts on “Why I am not Active on Facebook and other Social Media

  1. I completely agree. I had become quite addicted to Twitter, but I realized that it was not meaningful to me in the long run, because the conversations, although exciting, were still limited to small thoughts.

    In this “Impatience is the New Life” world, the ability to think critically becomes even more important 🙂

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  3. absolutely agree .. esp the in depth thinking bit. I follow the same logic. In any ecosystem there are only 10% creators and they are the ones who make the unique content. they will always be valuable. I see twitter facebook etc as places to syndicate content and to get comments but not as a place to create content! keep up your good work! kind rgds Ajit

  4. On dot.

    Here is an article on twitter usage. You can never
    never do that on a twit 🙂 .

    Good to know that you are not switching to twit and slow-down your blogging.

  5. I would say Blog is here to stay, it’s more like a newspaper; though you have seen all the news on the TV as and when it happened you still can’t gulp your morning Tea down without a newspaper.
    Another interesting fact, sites like Fbook, Orkut, Myspace,Twitter, etc… gather instant attention but loose the fizz even faster. Whereas blogs are more like information databases I can never refer to a tweet or fbuk to hunt for an interesting read but blog is something I can always count upon 🙂

  6. Reminds me of :

    “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information ? ” -T. S. Eliot

  7. I am seeing lot of blogs which are combining both this forms – Micro and LongForm Blog on their websites.

    With that context I don’t see twitter or blogspot to be in either/or scenario. Both are complementary to each other. For quick and short notes, there may not be a need for a long form blog.

    So for news headlines and update – use twitter
    and for analysis use long form blogging. I would urge you to take on twitter so that you can publish interesting links/thoughts quickly. At the same time don’t give up the long form blogging. I liked your Aeroplane Mode article and the thought process. Since then I have started the habit of putting my phone on silent as far as possible.

    Orkut/Facebook/Myspace are a new form of social communication medium for a closed group. At times I too feel a generation gap when I see youngsters expressing themselves so openly on Orkut/FB/Myspace. Or maybe its the personality !!!

  8. Completely agree with you. I, too, gave up Twitter after a short while because unless you are at it all the time, there’s very little you gain out of it. Facebook is better though — once a day routine. And its definitely not the age that’s a factor 😉 coz even younger people like me feel that 🙂

    There was an article recently by Paul Graham about the maker’s schedule (which I posted on my blog here) which is identical to what you feel.

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