Google: eBay of Information

Fortune has a story on Google:

    “They’re the eBay of information,” says Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley’s Internet analyst. “You go to eBay to find things that are hard to find. You go to Google to find information that is hard to find.” Another eBay comparison that’s worth mentioning here: Google is three times as profitable as eBay was at the same age–3 1/2 years after it was founded. Last year, at age six, eBay made $90 million on revenues of $614 million.

An interesting monicker and comparison. The one difference which Google needs to be aware: in eBay, the sellers own the stuff they are putting on eBay, while Google aggregates the stuff that the publishers put out. As Steven Johnson points out, an aggregation of blog links and clusters can emerge as a potential challenge to Google.

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