Emergic – Simplified

I was drawing out the picture in my book today, and its falling nicely into place (the thinking part). I’ll make it into a Visio picture sometime soon. For now, here’s the text:

– create low-cost technology solutions for SMEs in emerging markets
– a computer on every desktop (courtesy: Bill Gates)

Messaging (what we currently do)
– Mail, IM, Firewall, Proxy, Anti-Virus on a Server on the LAN for companies — this is part of our MailServ product [on a Linux platform]
– extend to add Calendaring, Scheduling, VPN support

Thin Client-Thick Server
– second hand PCs as thin clients (USD 100 / Rs 5,000)
– extend the server to manage files, preferences, printing, etc.
– run a limited set of apps on the thin clients from the server (KDE Desktop, Mozilla for browsing, Evolution for mail/calendar/contacts, OpenOffice (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation), GAIM (Instant Messaging), GIMP (imaging) and a PDF viewer

Digital Dashboard
– a new read-write environment
– combine outlines, blogs and RSS syndication
– emphasise sharing, collaboration, narration, story-telling

– a blog directory and search engine
– apply the tech within enterprise on the blogs

Enterprise Software
– integrated eBusiness suite
– Website, Intranet, eCommerce
– visual business process development environment
– build using Web Services
– build to business process standards (eg. ebXML, RosettaNet)

Content and Community
– Emergic.org (my blog)
– an Enterprise “reader’s digest”
– Slashdot-like community blogs of SMEs in verticals
– SME Marketplace

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.