Visual Biz-ic

As part of our Enterprise Software components, I was thinking of a Visual business-process development environment. Imagine if a company could (a) define its business “algorithms” and processes as business rules, and then (b) use a visual charting tool to “code” it up. This obviously is too simplistic for the big companies, but may actually work well for the SMEs, most of whose business processes have nothing really proprietary about them.

Take this idea further. Once enough SMEs put together their business processes into this, then we can even recommend (like Amazon’s Book Recommendations) what processes and software to use provided you can say that your company is like which other (or identify the industry).

Most SMEs dont need very fancy enterprise software, they need the basic stuff, but it should be cost-effective (cheap) and integrated. Today, little enterprise software falls in that category. There’s an untapped mass market waiting if we can simplify for the lower-end.

Am waiting to read Wolfram’s “A New Kind of Science” if it solves our problems!! I say this only half in jest — the book’s ideas of building complex components from simpler ones makes sense to me in the business process context. It’ll also test out Wolfram’s claim that his science has answers to everything. If 4 lines in Mathematica may be enough to code up the universe, then surely a few lines in “Visual Biz-ic” should be enough to make me get a consolidated view of all our disparate business information!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.