Book: Dragon Multinational

I have just begun reading this book by John Mathews. It is about how companies in the Periphery (outside the Triad of North America, Europe and Japan) can build global businesses. Examples mentioned in the book are Acer, Ispat International, Cemex, and Li and Fung. These are “latecomers who have used clever strategies and organisational forms to achieve global coverage and compete with established giants.”

I bought this book because I liked its premise. It provides a viewpoint from emerging markets (the Periphery) of how companies can become global players. Thats what I’d like us to do with the vision of Emergic. Create an organisation which can provide cost-effective technology solutions to SMEs in emerging markets globally. Right now, its a dream. I do not have a detailed business plan or roadmap of how I will make it happen. I know the general direction in which we need to proceed. So its always good to read about others who have done so previously.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.