Fortune on Acer

Acer is the subject of a Fortune story. It is also part of the theme for the book I am reading which makes the story all the more interesting. Stan Shih is betting the company on China and IT Services. Concludes Fortune:

Shih’s dream is to make Acer into an acknowledged member of the tech elite–a sizable fish in the very big pond that is the global market for computers and IT services. That is the kind of ambitious thinking that helped him propel Acer out of the crowd of look-alike Taiwan tech companies. But Acer’s probable future is a more modest one–as a big fish in the small pond that is Taiwan, where its brand actually has the kind of clout that Shih dreams of. Home may not be where Shih’s heart is, but it’s likely to be where the profits are.

Shih has faced challenges before. It would probably be too early to write Acer off so quickly. It is one of the true “dragon multinationals” to emerge from Asia in the last quarter-century. India is still waiting for its “Lion Kings”.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.