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I got a comment from one of the people I respect deeply (he’s #3 on my BlogRoll) and who probably doesn’t know that because I haven’t ever told him that (and neither have I met him). He is John Robb of Userland. John’s weblog is a daily must-read for me, for his incredibly thoughful (and thought-provoking) postings. John has been advocating the concept of K-Logs for quite some time, and I like it very much. So much so, that it’s going to be one of the key pillars of Emergic as part of the Digital Dashboard.

John wrote in on the RSS post. His comment:


Nice post on aggregators (this is a big reason to have the software on the desktop). It is also possible to have most business apps produce an RSS feed on sales, inventory, etc. data.

You should join the K-Logs group on Yahoo (if you haven’t already).

John, you made my day! And yes, I am a member of the K-Logs group though I haven’t posted there yet.

Regarding the software on the desktop point, our viewpoints are different because our target markets are different. Your audience is the hundreds of millions of existing users who have thick desktops and are primarily in the developed markets of the world. They need Radio on the desktop. My target are the hundreds of millions of new users who cannot pay for the thick desktops — they need computers and software at a tenth of the prices that they are available at today. These emerging set of users (the next 500 million) are in the world’s low-income countries, the developing markets of the world. Emergic is all about making computing affordable to them. They will use Thin Clients (second-hand/used computers) with Thick Servers. But we need to make the latest software available to them — they too want to become real-time enterprises.

These are the themes I write about here in and Tech Samachar.

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