Enhancing Emergic.org

Recently, we added the Search feature to Emergic. A few more things I’d like to do in the coming few days to enhance the weblog and increase its navigability:

– Add RSS NewsFeeds (headlines) on the Top Page to provide context of what’s happening in the world. Its an idea I have learnt from Samachar. There is a lot of value in providing an aggregate on a single page. Initially, we will begin with feeds from Moreover, but later we’ll go direct to the sources. The three sub-segments will be Emerging Technologies, Emerging Enterprises and Emerging Markets. Here’s a initial version. Its currently on a separate page. We need to put it on the home page and the Archives page (related to the date, so there’s a memory built in of the day’s top stories).

– Show comments in-place with the blog post: people don’t like clicking once more to read the comment. Also, by adding comments in place, they’ll also get indexed for search.

– Outlines on the Month Pages: the Month pages (for May and June) carry all the posts. What I really want is a listing and abstract of the posts, with a link to the actual post. Need to be able to scan dozens of titles quickly. We have written an Outline Web Service which we should use for this.

– Recent Entries links need to be to the Permalink and not the date.

– Integration with an RSS Aggregator: we are checking out a few RSS aggregators. Need to combine so I can post directly from the Aggregator, the way Radio does. This will dramatically improve my information processing speed.

– The RSS feed which gets put out currently takes 50 words. Need to change that so it takes 1-2 sentences. The 50-word limit means it gets cut midway in a sentence which looks bad.

– Give each post a unique name (the “a name” rather than the 6-digit ID which is currently being generated).

– Upload all my earlier writings from 1995 on the blog (or perhaps start a separate one under rajeshjain.com). Currently, my writings are spread across Samachar, IndiaLine and Google’s archives. They need to be consolidated in one place under my control. Just for posterity’s sake.

– Relook at the Blog Daily concept I had…its a good idea.

– See how to leverage referers and backlinks. Am not using this info at all right now.
Basically, the idea is to create a “next-generation blog”.

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