Hot Portals


Companies are opening their wallets to portal software because it can improve employee productivity and, in the long run, cut costs, analysts and technology buyers said. As an added bonus, increased competition among software makers has spurred a price war that could uncover some bargains for buyers.

Unlike most business application software, which tends to add complexity to internal computing infrastructures, portal software is designed to simplify. The software lets companies create Web pages, or portals, for their employees, customers or business partners. The benefit? One-stop access through a single Web page to vital information stored in a mishmash of dissimilar e-mail programs, human resources systems and sales databases.

This is what Emergic’s Digital Dashboard will do: by combining Blogs, Outlines and RSS Aggregation. I will be writing more on this in my Tech Talk column next week.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.